3 Types of Kratom Plants 

Kratom is a tropical plant that can be found on Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and others. There are many reported benefits and dangers of taking kratom. But the thing you should remember is that when you decide to use it, you should mind the precautions and never abuse it.  

There are different types of kratom plants. When you shop for one, check the formulation, strain name and the vein name. Each of these have different effects, so the plant you’re going to buy will depend on what types of effect you want.  

An Overview of the Types of Kratom 

But first, let’s give you an overview. The three main colors associated with kratom are red, green and white. Each of them has different characteristics. Generally, green is in between stimulating and sedating. Red is more of on the sedating side and white is stimulating. The strain names of elephant kratom is determined by where the plant originated.  

Red-Veined Kratom 

The red-veined kratom plants are used because of its pain-relieving and mood enhancing effect. This is one of the most used and popular kratom plants because it can provide a well-rounded experience especially for beginners. If you want the pain killing effects, this is the best kratom plant for you. This plant also alleviate stress and promotes relaxation.  

The red-veined kratom plant is the painkiller among the types of kratom plants. It reduces the pain which has been used by users to fight chronic paint. It has the least stimulant effect so if you’re looking for something that can help you relax and ease anxiety, the red veined kratom is the best option. It’s not recommended during the morning because it will put you back to sleep.  

Green-Veined Kratom 

If the effect you desire is stimulation, choose the green-veined kratom. Once you take this on a small dosage, it will give you the stimulant effect like increased energy, focus and stamina. This is the type of plant that workers of Thailand used before so they can have more energy while working under the sun. It helps the user to stay functional and motivated.  

Another benefit of a green-veined kratom is its painkilling effects. It has mixture of painkilling effect of read thread and the energizing effect of white vein. It’s on the moderate side, and also a mixture of all vein types. The green vein kratom has a cognitive enhancing effect that boost focus and alertness. The effects are also long lasting. Some of the green-vein kratom are Indo, Borneo and Malaysian.  

White-Veined Kratom 

When used in low dosage, the white-veined kratom plants can promote alertness and mental clarity. It also improves sense of well-being and awareness. It’s the opposite of red vein kratom. It creates a positive mood and is known for its strong effects. This type of kratom plan acts like a stimulant, which boosts vigilance and alertness.  

Those are the general information about the three different types of kratom plants. When you decide to use this drug, remember that overuse will lead to addiction and dependence. Once you’ll go through withdrawal, it will mess up your head.